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Simultaneously pragmatic and results-driven, at my core I am idealistic, guided by curiosity and empathy.

As a child, I identified with Alice in Wonderland - the story of an insatiably inquisitive and imaginative character, whose inspiration I thankfully never outgrew. This natural curiosity is what led me on different explorations over the course of my 20+ year career, wearing a variety of professional hats - executive, entrepreneur, and designer - across many industries including entertainment, broadcast news, fashion, and real estate. And, while each experience is unique, they all centered around being a storyteller - understanding the context and ways people comprehend information and then crafting a verbal, visual, or experiential narrative that spoke with the audience. 

This varied background has proven invaluable as a designer and made taking risks - such as opening a boutique in the Caribbean and designing my own merchandise - feel less daunting. I embraced the challenge of learning business and graphic design techniques in real time, and successfully created a unique retail experience that appealed to a wide range of loyal customers.

Since closing my business in 2018, I have honed my UX/UI and graphic design skills working with small businesses, non-profit organizations and other brands and movements to create eye-catching, impactful visual stories that move people and positively impact the human condition and the world around us.

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